4 pages per side when printing pdf files

Pierre Frenkiel pierre.frenkiel at laposte.net
Fri Jun 11 09:29:46 UTC 2010

On Wed, 9 Jun 2010, NoOp wrote:

> I suspect you are right. However the suggestion regarding the demo page
> from the printer (not from Ubuntu or any other source) would eliminate
> any software issues. I'm referring to printing a demo page directly from
> the printer per the instructions in the manual for the printer. My
> apologies if you've already done that.

   I actually did it ==> OK

> What printer driver are you using - the one from the Samsung CD, a ppd
> from some other source, or the foomatic drivers (Samsung ML-2850D
> Foomatic/Postscript)? If the latter, it may be worth purging and
> reinstalling the foomatic packages.

   I installed all my printers with system-config-printer (from the gnome panel)
   I also tried with the install procedure from the Samsung cd.
   Everything gives the same result. In all cases, I get the same filters in

        Filter application/vnd.cups-raw 0 -
        Filter application/vnd.cups-postscript 100 foomatic-rip
        Filter application/vnd.cups-pdf 0 foomatic-rip
        Filter application/vnd.apple-pdf 25 foomatic-rip

   I tried to purge and re-install not only foomatic and splix, but also
   all the cups packages. That changed nothing.

   For the acroread and okular, I found a workaround by replacing lpr by
   the following script, to suppress the filtering for the samsung:

      [[ $1 = -P && $2 = sam ]] && LPROPT=-l
      /usr/bin/lpr.bin $LPROPT $*

   Actually, I don't see why one would need a filter when sending a postscript file
   to a postscript printer.

   xfig uses lp, and then, I found that the filter pstopdf was called with the option
   "number-up=4" (only for the samsung.., God knows why)
   I had then to replace lp by the script:

      /usr/bin/lp.bin -o number-up=1 $*

   Until I get a better solution, this works, even if it's not very satisfactory.
Pierre Frenkiel

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