circular dependencies in aptitude?

Maurice McCarthy manselton at
Thu Jun 10 13:33:43 UTC 2010

On 10 June 2010 13:54, Calcpage <calcpage at> wrote:
> OK, I downloaded all the *.debs you listed from
>  and still no joy.  I tried installing the bin file using nautilus as
> you advised and it required the jre.  Then I tried installing the jre
> and it needed java-common which I got from and it
> installed fine.  Then I tried the jre again and it needs the bin???
> Still circular....
> Thanx,
> A. Jorge Garcia


Don't know what to suggest but in your position I'd be looking at aptitude

$ aptitude --help | less
$ man aptitude
$ aptitude --why-not sun-java6-jre
$ aptitude --full-resolver install ...
$ aptitude --force install ....

Trouble is forcing and such can break your system. But you learn a lot
by experience.

Best Wishes

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