Unable to browse Amazon.com with Firefox 3.0.19

Albert Wagner albertwagner at cox.net
Wed Jun 9 01:47:07 UTC 2010

I am on Ubuntu 8.0.4/Firefox 3.0.19.  Until recently, I have had no 
problems browsing Amazon for books.  However, for several days now, 
nothing more complicated than going to books and then a backpage will 
put firefox into 100% CPU usage. Meaning, of course, that no more 
browsing on amazon is possible.  In the Firefox error console there are 
several iterations of the following Security Error:
Security Error: Content at http://www.amazon.com/ may not load or link 
to about:self.

In that nothing has changed recently on my box, I am assuming that 
Amazon is downloading code that is revealing a flaw in my version of 
Does this all sound like something on my end?  Or should I contact 
Firefox?  Or should I contact Amazon?

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