circular dependencies in aptitude?

NoOp glgxg at
Wed Jun 9 00:31:35 UTC 2010

On 06/08/2010 02:57 PM, calcpage at wrote:
>>>         You should wait for your Tech to arrive. They are necessary 
> for
>>> upgrades ect.
>>Not really. Just need to make sure you're getting the packages from
>>the correct place, all that's not working is the package fetcher and
>>dependency resolver. If you have the packages locally, you're set.
>>Techs aren't required or needed for upgrades. Maybe in the windows
>>world, who knows.
> I went on the java website and downloaded this recommended file:
> jre-6u20-linux-x86.bin
> I did chmod 755 to make it executable and ran it with sudo.  It seems 
> to have installed.  Now how do i plug it into Firefox?
The installation is now complete. Skip to the Enable and Configure section.
  [Choosing the default Java to use]

However, you could have installed the .debs instead:
bin, jre, plugin for your architechture. For example if you have a 64bit:


download those three & from nautilus double-click to install (bin first,
jre second, plugin third). Those will install in the proper locations
for your system. Afterwards, check to ensure that you are using the
correct java's:
[Choosing the default Java to use]

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