JavaScript - NoScript extension (Was: Questions on Security)

Brian ad44 at
Sun Jun 6 20:46:30 UTC 2010

On Sun 06 Jun 2010 at 13:14:56 -0700, jon at wrote:

> That can be very subjective. And even trusted sites can be compromised.

I rather think that was my point. Noscript is excellent at blocking
Javascript - and not much else.

> Not if it isn't used properly. Allowing scripts from unfamiliar sites  
> leaves you open to attacks such as those mentioned by the OP.

No it doesn't. If firefox's Javascript engine was difficient we would
know about it and it would be fixed. Noscript defends only against

> Personally, I can do without all of the flash on most of the sites. It  
> rarely adds any substance and can often be annoying. If  
> JavaScript/Flash is required to access a site, I can almost always  
> find the information somewhere else.

That's ok.

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