wacom ctl460 tablet and 10.04

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Sun Jun 6 18:33:54 UTC 2010

< snip>

> I guess all of this will be fixed in 10.10. The problem seems to be a
> combination of the new xorg/udev setup in Lucid and a tablet that
> requires a very recent version of linuxwacom.

Do you really think that this is the correct way to deal with a problem
which has arisen because of some failings which occurred during the
development of Ubuntu 10.04, wait until 10.10 to see if it is fixed?
What is the point of producing and promoting a system which is to be
looked after for 3 years instead of the more common 18 months if one
cannot use ones equipment with it? Surely, one would hope that the
developers will correct the fault so that 10.04 may continue to be used
for the full 3 years of support.


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