Clean install -> start setup -> cannot login any longer ???

Thomas Blasejewicz thomas at
Sun Jun 6 15:35:01 UTC 2010

What the h*** is this?????

Thomas Blasejewicz さんは書きました:
> Situation:
> Did (again) a clean install of 10.04 using the entire disk for it.
> Ran update: 102 MB -> reboot
> Installed Ubuntu Tweak
made some minor adustments (while waiting very long for the update to 
finish), like add a keyboard layout,
add, remove 1-2 applets.
None of the other fancy stuff like "disable KMS" etc.

After update was completed, I tried to install Thunderbird via the 
Ubuntu Software Center ...

and ... BANG.
There is it again, that nasty screen asking me for my password, but not 
accepting it.
> Now I get a screen looking completely different from what I just have set up
> AND I am asked for my name and password.
> BUT my password is NOT accepted.
> Neither under my name nor under "other"
> So, I cannot even get into the system any more.
> What is this all about?????
> Is there a way around it??
> Or do I have to do the whole (please choose your own profanity here)
> thing again???
The welcome message displayed during the installation says:
"Ubuntu is designed to be easy."
Well, THAT is definitely not my experience!

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