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Sat Jun 5 17:46:25 UTC 2010

On Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 5:09 AM, Chan Chung Hang Christopher
<christopher.chan at> wrote:
> Artem Karimov wrote:
>> Some guy from Nizhny Tagil threw away Ubuntu copyrights and named a
>> system "BolgenOS". Is Canonical planning to take any legal action to
>> protect its copyrights?
> Is there concrete proof of his 'throwing away' Ubuntu copyrights? Did he
> use Canonical's trademarks, logos or something without permission or
> called his own?
> What I see is an overreaction and unless something pertaining to the
> questions above surfaces, Canonical has nothing to take legal action for.
> /me waits for the 'this belongs to sounder' posts.

This is probably the same user, who in IRC on freenode in
#ubuntu-offtopic, tried to start a discussion on it and we showed him
the reasons why no one cares unless rights were infringed upon. And
unless this guy has a lot more money and a lot of people already
deluded into thinking he did it himself, it's crumbs to Mark
Shuttleworth's cookie. Other than that, I personally don't give a damn
about his little fantasy, as there are hundreds of other such attempts
at outdoing Ubuntu and Debian amongst the other major distros.


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