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Sat Jun 5 09:37:00 UTC 2010

On Sat, 05 Jun 2010 07:23:14 +0100, ABSDoug <absdoug at> wrote:

> I don't understand backporting. Why isn't backporting enabled  
> automaticly? ARE THERE risks with backporting? Thanks ahead of time.

Backports are basically newer, upstream, versions of programs. Often they  
use newer library routines etc.  If you you’re current system uses lib_2.6  
and that is replaced by lib_2.8 for the newer program, all the programs  
currently on the system that require lib_2.6 are going to be broken.
Sometimes newer programs use different config files or save data in a  
different format. If you’ve got some essential software that relies on  
this data, you’d have to rewite you’re software to continue functioning.

Steve (Yorvyk)

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