10.04: ... not available for this type of computer (i386)

Jonesy gmane at jonz.net
Fri Jun 4 23:03:28 UTC 2010

Yesterday I did the upgrade from 9.10 to 10.4 on an older laptop:
HP Omnibook vt6200.   But, it's not THAT old...

There was no battery monitor in the tray.  So, I went into the Ubuntu 
Software Center to see what battery applets were available.  
Many of the options were tagged with:

  "... not available for this type of computer (i386)"

Looking at other 'not installed' application reveal the same msg.

Huh?  Why does the Ubuntu 10.04 believe this is a 386?

Grepping in `dmesg` gives no hints.

However, `uname` claims "i686" (and kernel 2.6.32-22).

Where should I start looking?

Thanks for any help,
  Marvin L Jones    | jonz          | W3DHJ  | linux
   38.24N  104.55W  |  @ config.com | Jonesy |  OS/2

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