Tolerance for "all"?

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Thu Jun 3 07:49:16 UTC 2010

On Thu, June 3, 2010 05:47, ABSDoug wrote:
> --- On Wed, 6/2/10, jon at <jon at> wrote:
>> "Holey sh*t" is pretty tame compared to what I was yelling
>> on the
>> phone yesterday trying to talk to a person but getting one
>> voice menu
>> after another. Admittedly, I was swearing at a machine, but
>> it
>> actually calmed me down once I got to a human voice.
> I mean I'm gunna try & conform as much as possible... BUT, something to
> think of...
> I'm from NYC originally. Before you say, "That explains it", I've lived a
> few different places & NYC is the place that has REAL tolerance. If there
> is a drug addict that just pissed his pants(or worse, don't want to curse)
> that he hasn't changed clothes in weeks & he gets on the train, u have to
> tolerate it or leave NYC(my solution). I was on a train & this crazy girl
> started cursing, "I hate my ____ mother" top of her lungs, over & over.
> You know what everyone did? Nothing, they tolerated it. Tolerance isn't
> always "fun". You don't like the way someone is behaving, best to just
> make the mental note to SELF & move on. Maybe be nice & not snippy & not
> get some on some moral high ground because you'll eventually get punch,
> stabbed or shot if you do that enough. Again, tolerance isn't always a fun
> thing & you don't get to define it in some happy, nice way everyone agrees
> on. People that complain YOU aren't conforming to THEIR standards are the
> ones
>  considered INtolerant in the city of tolerance. NYC has *EVERY* kind of
> person(for better or worse). There will be a Islamic Center near ground
> zero, think about it! So before you appoint yourself the rule maker, then
> tell people if they don't do it YOUR way, realize, you really can't call
> yourself tolerant. That's another look at tolerance since we brought up
> "people from every walk of life". Where *I* come from you are free to
> think I am an (expletive deleted to conform) but realize, the only moral
> high ground is in YOUR world. Not everyone lives in your world or wants
> to.

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