Tolerance for "all"?

ABSDoug absdoug at
Thu Jun 3 03:47:36 UTC 2010

--- On Wed, 6/2/10, jon at <jon at> wrote:
> "Holey sh*t" is pretty tame compared to what I was yelling
> on the  
> phone yesterday trying to talk to a person but getting one
> voice menu  
> after another. Admittedly, I was swearing at a machine, but
> it  
> actually calmed me down once I got to a human voice.

I mean I'm gunna try & conform as much as possible... BUT, something to think of...

I'm from NYC originally. Before you say, "That explains it", I've lived a few different places & NYC is the place that has REAL tolerance. If there is a drug addict that just pissed his pants(or worse, don't want to curse) that he hasn't changed clothes in weeks & he gets on the train, u have to tolerate it or leave NYC(my solution). I was on a train & this crazy girl started cursing, "I hate my ____ mother" top of her lungs, over & over. You know what everyone did? Nothing, they tolerated it. Tolerance isn't always "fun". You don't like the way someone is behaving, best to just make the mental note to SELF & move on. Maybe be nice & not snippy & not get some on some moral high ground because you'll eventually get punch, stabbed or shot if you do that enough. Again, tolerance isn't always a fun thing & you don't get to define it in some happy, nice way everyone agrees on. People that complain YOU aren't conforming to THEIR standards are the ones
 considered INtolerant in the city of tolerance. NYC has *EVERY* kind of person(for better or worse). There will be a Islamic Center near ground zero, think about it! So before you appoint yourself the rule maker, then tell people if they don't do it YOUR way, realize, you really can't call yourself tolerant. That's another look at tolerance since we brought up "people from every walk of life". Where *I* come from you are free to think I am an (expletive deleted to conform) but realize, the only moral high ground is in YOUR world. Not everyone lives in your world or wants to.


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