[profanity snipped]: what is this "fstab" mess I made

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 3 02:10:20 UTC 2010

On 06/02/2010 06:07 PM, ABSDoug wrote:
> --- On Wed, 6/2/10, Li Li <li2005lilly at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Women and children here.
>> Also this is a technical forum; people are expected to
>> behave
>> professionally.  The OP has used bad language before.
>> He should grow up.
> Cause women & children never hear that word...

Here's a clue; if you expect help, understand that there are other folks
here from all over the world & all walks of life. Your continued use of
profanity simply isn't appreciated.

While there are no written rules regarding profanity, I'd recommend
reading these:


Also note the first url that discusses threading.

If you'd prefer to continue to use profanity, then I'd recommend you
subscribe to alt.os.linux.ubuntu where you can use profanity as much as
you wish. Bottom line, for me, is that both your attitude and lack of
respect for others on the list pretty well puts you in the 'ignore'
category from my side. Good luck with your issues.

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