finally running publican 1.99 on ubuntu, and twitter

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Wed Jun 2 17:37:34 UTC 2010

  just to tie up some loose ends related to a couple earlier posts of
mine, i finished(?) my wiki page on how to install and run the
pre-release 1.99 version of the really cool docbook/xml-based
"publican" publishing software on ubuntu 10.04.  admittedly, once it's
released officially, it will almost certainly be packaged in .deb
format so all that dicking around won't be necessary anymore but for
anyone who wanted to get a head start, there you are.

  also, it's probably inappropriate for me to use this ML for posts
along the lines of "look, here's something else i got working" so i'm
going to restrict my announcements like this to my twitter account and
you're welcome to follow me on twitter if you want to keep up.  i'm
sure there will be more ubuntu-related developments, but i suspect
nothing earth-shattering, just the occasional tidbit as i get more
used to ubuntu.



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