Antenna for 3g wireless modem

Winton Vandepeer squareyes at
Wed Jun 2 12:38:33 UTC 2010

I have been unable to find anyone who may know anything about
extra external antenna for the 3g wireless broadband system.

I am at present on satellite, which ranges from acceptable to poor,  only
alternative is the 3g wireless system, would like to give it a try, but I
live in a hollow, but should be able to connect to it with an extra 20feet
in height.
There is a desktop external antenna, but will not give me enough height. 400
yards up the road in any direction and I can get a signal.
 Could anyone point me in the right direction, am willing to put something
on my roof to get high enough to get into the wireless stream
 if it's at all possible.. System uses Huawei 160e modem.

Many thanks in advance, I realize it's off topic.

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