vsftpd login settings

Patton Echols p.echols at comcast.net
Wed Jun 2 08:57:38 UTC 2010

Patton Echols wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am configuring vsftpd for a project.  Anonymous logins are not 
> allowed, only virtual users.  I have had the server up for a total of 
> two days, and periodically get slammed with repeated login attempts.  
> They appear to be automated because the logs show three login fails then 
> a new connect seconds later.  Here are my questions:
> Does anyone know of a directive that will cause a connect to be refused 
> after a max_login_fail is hit?  I don't want a total lockout, but if I 
> could have connections refused for say, five minutes, that might inspire 
> a bot to go away and bother someone else.

Answered my own question.  I did not find a vsftpd directive to do 
this.  But I was able to find fail2ban in the repos.  It was fairly easy 
to configure and I have been able to test and make sure it will have the 
desired result.  (My laptop is on lockdown right now!)

For more info, check here:
> Aside from my logs growing insanely, do I need to worry about this behavior?

I still have no idea why the sudden interest in my little ftp server, 
but I'll worry less.


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