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> Quoting "Robert P. J. Day" <rpjday at>:
> >   not that long ago, i wrote a little HOWTO here:
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> >
> >
> > the disclaimer is that it can be even shorter as i was unaware of the
> > "make-kpkg" utility, so i should probably update that page.  as it is,
> > though, it does work.
> >
> > perhaps i'll spiff it up later tonight or tomorrow.
> >
> That looks great. Keep us up to date.

  if i might briefly leech off the collective expertise here ...
first, i want to verify that that wiki page of mine above actually
represents what a number of people have asked about recently -- the
recipe for building a new ubuntu kernel from *pristine* kernel source,
rather than simply installing a pre-packaged version.  am i right?

  next, would anyone else like to verify that they've followed that
recipe and it just plain works?  i've written a lot of documentation
in my time, and from my perspective, it should just work.  for anyone.
the most maddening thing for me in any docs is the phrase, "if that
doesn't work, try ...".  grrrrrrr.  if it doesn't work, figure out
why and fix it.

  and, lastly, that recipe is a fairly generic set of instructions
that's based on what i've used for years on fedora (tweaked slightly
for ubuntu).  it works for me, but only after i posted it was i
enlightened that the latter part (installing kernel and modules,
creating initrd, updating grub) could all be handled by "make-kpkg"
after which the package could then simply be installed and, obviously,
uninstalled later.

  clearly, that's a more elegant solution and obviously i want to add
that ubuntu-specific goodness so let me ask first, is the recipe at
least correct up to the point where one would invoke "make-kpkg"?  is
there anything that should be added?  corrected?

  and since today promises to be stupidly busy, if someone simply
wants to post *exactly* the command line to be run corresponding to
"make-kpkg", that would be awesome.  yes, google works fine but i'm
willing to just take the command(s) verbatim and throw them up there,
and worry about understanding later.


p.s.  it should be fairly easy to see that, since i'm not using
"make-kpkg", all of the installed kernel and modules and initrd and
grub info won't be part of any official package.  so that's the only
obvious downside to the recipe as it stands.  feel free to help me
complete the picture.  and, now, i must return to bunches of other
stuff.  and coffee.



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