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On 06/02/2010 03:35 PM, ABSDoug wrote:
> I'm totally lost.
> Can't figure this out, thought I could. Can someone help me with this?
I have a recent post on this which you can view at,67573

However, for most practical purposes, it is not necessary, especially 
for a system with just one linux OS and 1 windows. I started this 
separate grub partition with grub-legacy and it is proper I attribute my 
lessons to Herman of who, 
as you can see, is a master at grub dedicated partitioning.

There are only 2 grub commands a person needs to know,
sudo update-grub
sudo grub-install /dev/sda

On another point, I find there is no need for separate partitions for 
/boot and others, even /home. But I do have a separate partition mounted 
at fstab in all my linux OS that contains  mainly configuration files 
and is syslinked to the appropriate OS paths. For obvious reasons, it is 
called 'nexus'. I have a large partition called 'databank' which is not 
mounted at fstab but is easily accessed by any OS. My actual /home 
files, as opposed to syslinked files are very sparse. Many will disagree 
with with my preference but then again, that's the linux way, you do 
whatever suits you. For externally installed packages, ie, dpkg .deb 
files, it is good practice to put these in /opt, not in /home.

Next point, I find I'll only need 2 cd's for emergencies
the gparted cd and the grub rescue cd. (I made one with grub-legacy when 
grub2 was not out yet). I find there is no need for super-grub and other 
cd's. Many will disagree with me, of course but that's their prerogative 
- part of the linux way; and I find there is no need to use the livecd 
since. - I've never chrooted.

Since I am on a roll here, :) let me add that at for most practical 
purposes, a beginner linux home user has no real need to remember 
complicated commands or understand any complexity  of its workings. It 
is just that you're on this mailing list where some of us - and I don't 
know many stuff these guys talked here either - may be so technically 
proficient to give the impression that it is an exclusive party (your 
words). It's not and while there is no retention department (Joe's 
words), there is no executive canteen or washroom either. You're free to 
wander around (or off). That's the linux......

Regards - Goh Lip

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