Nils Kassube kassube at
Tue Jun 1 20:04:27 UTC 2010

Marvin Escobar wrote:
> Its a toshiba satellite l505d s983
> Im sorry but i dont really get what you guys say about (high-res)
> photo. I dont get that sorry

In your previous mails you wrote that instead of the screen where you 
can select language etc., you see several error messages. My suggestion 
was that you write down these messages and post the messages to the list 
(or if that would be a long list you could upload it to e.g. 
<> and post a link here). That might help us find 
out what the problem is. As an alternative to writing down a lot of 
messages you could take a photo of those messages with a digital camera 
and upload the picture to <> and then post a link to 
that picture to this list. Either way, it might help to find out where 
your machine freezes and what could be done to overcome the problem.


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