Firefox in Ubuntu

Robert Spanjaard spamtrap at
Tue Jun 1 08:49:56 UTC 2010

On Mon, 31 May 2010 20:21:04 +0000, Mark C. Miller wrote:

> I had a power outage the other day, and ever since, Firefox has been
> behaving oddly.  It's almost like it's running in full page mode, but
> not.
> When Firefox starts, it covers the top panel; close firefox and the
> panel is there.
> The minimize - maximize buttons are gone.
> Firefox was not open at the time of the power failure.
> I know, strictly speaking this isn't an Ubuntu question, but it seemed
> like a good place to ask.  I think I had this problem once before and
> asked about it here, but I'm not sure (I have an amnesic disorder so
> remembering is a problem at times).
> Thanks in advance for your help

It could be set to Full Screen mode. If so, you can disable it by 
pressing F11.

Regards, Robert                            

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