creating extended partition/ deleting partition on windows 7 netbook

Stephen Michael Kuhn yank.down.under at
Sat Jul 31 21:00:30 UTC 2010

On Sat, 31 Jul 2010 10:34:34 pm Keith Jesse wrote:
> After shrinking the primary windows partition I have 100gb space, But still
> no luck with installing ubuntu - it still only permits either erasing
> windows altogether or manual install. Still unsure how to create an
> extended partition and have the ubuntu installer recognise this. Cant see
> any relevant fuction in GParted.  Do I need to remove some of the windows
> partitions still (in which case I need to back up the recover volume -
> which will be tricky as it is about 6 gig and there is no CD/DVD Burner
> with the unit - and its not clear how to copy it anyway....)

Look - simply put, this entire operation is not for the feint of heart - if 
you're afraid of blowing out or loosing Windows7 (I prefer XP Pro SP3 on 
client machines, but apparently what I do for a quid doesn't matter much 
here), and you've not experienced this type of operation before, there exists 
a chance that things are going to go south - and in doing the restoration of 
Win7 boot you're going to have just as much of an issue as you're having right 
now in getting Ubu installed.

Have you truly Googled - and read through - AND THROUGH - all the "HOW-TO's" 
on this operation?

Ric is also right about looking in the BIOS for the "Virus" option as it 
disallows writes to the bootsector, but as well, reading up, studying up is a 
more powerful tool in the end.

You can use the liveCD to copy off the data from the "other two" partitions 
that are mysteriously there - there really should be only one for restoration 
and drivers - however, it IS a Medion and those that put them together are, 
well, I don't wanna go there. I see more than enough Medions of many types, 
and I base my choice on how to proceed with them on what the outcome is going 
to be in the end for the client.

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