Upstart network connection event?

S. Zeier s.zeier at
Sat Jul 31 15:27:04 UTC 2010


on my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS machine I had the same problem...

One possible solution might look like this:

The event to be used in your upstart script is
start on net-device-up

Event "net-device-up" is emitted by upstart script


and provides shell variable IFACE you can use
to trigger interface dependent actions - in case your host
has several network cards equipped.


start on net-device-up
   if [ "$IFACE" = eth0 ]
     # do this stuff
   if [ "$IFACE" = eth1 ]
     # do that stuff
end script

Hope this helps...

> Hi all,
> I'm writing an Upstart script which would run in the event a network cable
> is connected (i.e., the network interface get's an IP address.) However, I
> am having trouble figuring out which event I should use for the 'start on'
> directive.
> Output of 'initctl list | grep network' shows the following networking
> related events:
> network-manager start/running, process 843
> network-interface (lo) start/running
> network-interface (eth0) start/running
> network-interface (wlan0) start/running
> network-interface-security start/running
> networking stop/waiting
> network-manager starts at boot and doesn't change after that if the
> cable is
> disconnected so taht won't work. Also the network-interface* events stay
> started once the system is booted.
> The description for 'networking' states "This task causes virtual network
> devices that do not have an associated kernel object to be started on
> boot."
> So I'm not sure that is an option.
> I'm thinking perhaps there is a udevmonitor event I can use, but again, I'm
> not sure which one?
> Does anyone have any experience with building scripts like this?

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