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>> Hope they're paying well for all that...
> Nope, Volunteered!

Heh... sucker! There was a time in my life that I wanted to make a go
of being a professional photographer (but I had it in my mind that I
was going to be like Ansel Adams and do landscapes and such)...
unfortunately, being a paid photographer just starting out means you
have to shoot weddings, the single most stressful, painful thing you
can do in photography, IMHO...  To this day I still refuse to shoot
weddings (even for friends/family)...

My hat's off to you, mate!

> The event is a wedding.  There will be a pro photog and better stuff will be
> created later.  This project is the polaroid effect.  The idea is that someone
> walks around with a Polaroid camera during the pre-events, wedding, reception.
> and takes snaps.  The last one as the couple runs to the limo, the still
> developing picture is stuffed in the back of an album with the rest and tossed
> in the window as they drive away.
> Having been on the receiving end of such a stunt, it is a great gift since
> weddings are a blur.  Problem is you cant get polariods anymore.  Good news is
> that (1) we know when they will go to the airport and (2) the groom will not go
> anywhere without a laptop, even honeymoon.  So THAT is the project.

That actually is pretty nice, by the way...  one thing many people I
know have done is just buy those single-use 35mm cameras and put one
or two on each table in the reception... then collect them after the
party and develop them later to see what all the guests took pictures
of... you could find lots of surprises in there that way, plus you get
many different points of view...

As Basil points out, you CAN buy instant film these days...

http://www.savepolaroid.com/ (hit the link for The Impossible
Project), and Fuji still makes cameras and film, and even Polaroid is
getting back into the game after realizing how popular instants still

>> But that's just me and because I think the time constraints are a bit
>> unreasonable
> Yeah, but given the project, it does not have to be professional quality.  But
> being the geek I am, I want to do as much as possible.

That makes a difference then... I read too much into your original
post and assumed (there's that word) that you were doing this as some
sort of professional work... I've seen "professionals" actually do
stuff like this before, so I was basing the assumption on historical
experience... you'd be amazed at what "professionals" seem to think is
possible... "Oh, sure, I can take 300 images today and I'll have a
printed and bound photobook for you by 10AM tomorrow"

>> Of course you could also add images one at a time in Pitivi and then
>> add an audio track so there's at least some music to go along with the
>> images...
> Yeah, But I'm doing it on my netbook, don't want to let the smoke out! ;-)

Really, though, I don't know that building a slideshow with music in
Pitivi would be that taxing... on a netbook it may take a bit longer
to render, but you'll just be building a video with audio track from
still images, Plus it will let you do a bit of synchronization so you
can change images on beats and such...

Anyway, good luck with that!

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