Find Big Files or Big Directories [FIXED]

Amedee Van Gasse amedee-ubuntu at
Sat Jul 31 08:10:16 UTC 2010

Op 29-07-10 15:56, Maxime Alarie schreef:
> I have found my problem.
> Rsync usually syncs to an external HD. Since this HD was not mounted,
> rsync created the target directory and stored everything there..

That's a typical problem.
Solution: create some marker file on your external HD.
Your backup script probably does the following:

1. mount external HD:
2. rsync
3. unmount

Change this to:
1. mount external HD
2. check for marker file
3a. file does not exist -> exit and return an error
3b. file exists -> rsync
4. unmount

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