creating extended partition/ deleting partition on windows 7 netbook

NoOp glgxg at
Sat Jul 31 04:09:01 UTC 2010

On 07/30/2010 08:18 PM, Keith Jesse wrote:
> I cant work out how to create an extended partition/logical partition in
> Windows 7 (Medion Netbook)   - such that I can install Ubuntu alongside
> Windows (which takes up all 4 partitions). I have searched extensively on
> the net - but cant find a simple method for the not too literate to either:
> create the extended partition and upload Ubuntu - or delete such Windows
> partitions that are not necessary and then allow Ubuntu to automatically
> upload?
> Any help appreciated.

Can you not use the built in Disk Management utility
and resize/shrink the Win7 (C:) partition? Right click and select
'Shrink Volume'. Shrink to allow at least 20Gb for the Ubuntu install
(you can use less, but I'd recommend at least 20Gb if you have
sufficient disk space). I'd also not recommended deleting any existing

After shrinking the volume, install Ubuntu & have it install in the free

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