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Sat Jul 31 02:12:21 UTC 2010

J <dreadpiratejeff <at> gmail.com> writes:

> On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 14:54, Patton Echols <p.echols <at> comcast.net> wrote:
> > In about a week's time I will have to produce a "photo book" to be
> > placed on a thumb drive and handed off.  By photo book, I mean something
> > that can display a slideshow and is platform independent, and needs no
> > network.  I will be working under some significant time constraints:
> Hope they're paying well for all that...

Nope, Volunteered!

> > Photos will be taken at an event by several photographers.  I will be
> > give the cards and have to sort through and pick 20 to 40 of the photos,
> > organize them on the thumb drive and give to the recipient within a
> > couple of hours.  (It could be 4, I expect 2, and I may be told I get 50
> > minutes!)
> Really?  I REALLY hope they're paying you well for that then... I'd
> require at least a week to organise and pick through images from
> multiple sources.  Though that isn't your question...

The event is a wedding.  There will be a pro photog and better stuff will be
created later.  This project is the polaroid effect.  The idea is that someone
walks around with a Polaroid camera during the pre-events, wedding, reception.
and takes snaps.  The last one as the couple runs to the limo, the still
developing picture is stuffed in the back of an album with the rest and tossed
in the window as they drive away.  

Having been on the receiving end of such a stunt, it is a great gift since
weddings are a blur.  Problem is you cant get polariods anymore.  Good news is
that (1) we know when they will go to the airport and (2) the groom will not go
anywhere without a laptop, even honeymoon.  So THAT is the project.

> > One solution is to just put the photos in place and the end user can
> > just use whatever viewer they have available.  Not very elegant.  I'd
> > like to do better.
> A little google goes a long way   Here ya go:
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=521885
> There are a few suggestions in there... Digikam and Inkscape are two
> of them...  but Digikam and some of the others are probably what you
> want.
> Also, not mentioned in there, I think is the swftools package...
> That includes a couple things:
> gif2swf and jpeg2swf which takes a list of image files and makes a
> very basic swf slideshow.
> Honestly, given your time constraints, I'd just put whatever the
> images are you pick in a dir, convert them all to jpg and use jpeg2swf
> and throw them all in a slideshow quickly.

I'll check those out.  It would be great to be able to add music, but maybe I'll
see what I get with some existing images . . .

> But that's just me and because I think the time constraints are a bit
> unreasonable 

Yeah, but given the project, it does not have to be professional quality.  But
being the geek I am, I want to do as much as possible.

> Of course you could also add images one at a time in Pitivi and then
> add an audio track so there's at least some music to go along with the
> images...

Yeah, But I'm doing it on my netbook, don't want to let the smoke out! ;-)

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