List Admins??? Ubuntu Users broken to Comcast and Yahoo emails

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Fri Jul 30 23:26:39 UTC 2010

This is likely the effect of an earlier thread where I advised list-mums 
(also via the appropriarte admin addresses. not just here)
that ubuntu's list server is blacklisted by SORBS, They apparently have 
failed to take any action to have this resolved, as I know SORBS's 
delisting is in part automatic and if it requires manual intervention, 
takes less than 24 hours from my experience. This is on going since, IIRC, 
last Sunday. The list mums are quick to re act to posts from people they 
despise, but when htey have to do some actual real work, oh my, too hard 
basket :D

On Fri, 30 Jul 2010, P Echo wrote:

> There appears to be a problem with Ubuntu-users traffic going to
> and Yahoo email accounts.
> I am posting from my gmail account in hopes an administrator will see
> and can correct.
> History:
> I have not received any emails from the list today at my
> account.  Several test messages are from me.
> I have been able to confirm that this problem is not just me or my
> settings.  I spoke with a comcast security tech who attempted to
> subscribe to the list from her comcast account, her yahoo account, and
> her gmail account.  Comcast and Yahoo failed to even send the
> confirmation email, Gmail worked.
> The tech looked at the headers on the confirmation email as well as
> the full headers I sent her from a message I received.  She says it
> appears that everything is working on their end, no blocking or
> anything else.  She also says they are willing to help, but would need
> to discuss with someone who administers the list or the
> servers to do more.
> If a list admin wants to contact me off list, I would be happy to pass
> along a phone number and "Ticket" number.  (Because my name / account
> is associated with the ticket, I'd appreciate it if there is some
> minimal independent verification of ID I can do . . . so I know you
> are really an admin)
> Thanks
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