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On Sat, 31 Jul 2010 02:51:52 am Alain Muls wrote:

> Last June I upgraded to Lucid since I want him to stay with a LTS
> version of Ubuntu and not upgrade to a new distro every 6 months (he
> is after all a noob). Though I made a mistake. I myself use the 64bit
> version of Lucid and so I used this live CD to install his system.
I've yet to see a speedy 64bit install. Ubuntu or otherwise. I consistently 
stick to 32bit, especially for paying clients. I won't go further on that 

> He still has a complaint because when logging in, the sound is played
> but before the gnome desktops comes alive, it still takes about 15
> seconds after the login sound. I said that it was due to the fact that
> the system needed to connect to 4 samba shares on a NAS drive. But now
> at my computer, I think that I am wrong. The mounting is done by
> entries in fstab, so they should be active whenever the PC boots. So
> this delay should not be there?
> Your advice please,
> bye/Alain

Disable any system services or startup services that are completely 
unnecessary. First and foremost. Double-check to make sure the /etc/fstab is 
absolutely correct. Use a simple - or stick with the default plymouth startup 
theme. Make sure the smb workgroup name in the /etc/samba is what is used on 
the NAS; as well, you can use gconf-editor and go to /system/smb and put the 
workgroup name in there. Get rid of the startup sound altogether, unless the 
user really really likes it - or wants it. You can also tweak out the 
/etc/sysctl.conf for further performance options - and depending on the 
graphics card, there are always tweaks to chuck into the /etc/X11/xorg.conf 
that override everything else.

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