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Fri Jul 30 09:08:45 UTC 2010

Today I will be installing a Cisco/Linksys AE1000 usb wifi N Dual Band
adapter on a KUbuntu 10.4 system on an ~ 2004 Compaq laptop.  Then I
will be attempting to see if I can get network access through that hw.

Given that KDE doesn't seem to have the network management
comprehensiveness that current GNOME network-manager attempts, & that
the KDE website doesn't seem to have a Network management sw topic, nor
wifi, oriented mailing lists, & that lacking those infrastructures, the
KUbuntu users list is not highly likely to have users highly
knowledgeable about specific wifi client hw & what sw to use to manage
it, where are some better info sources (website, mailing list) for how
one would best manage wifi networking with eht AE1000 device under
KUbuntu 10.4?

Motivating factor: attempting to use the KUbuntu GNU(Linux) system where
there is a wifi network that a windows computer using Intel wifi HW is
showing a 150Mb/s wifi connection, & observed Cisco wifi AP.

==  KDE wifi info not findable in a reasonable search time, &/or 5 years
out of date:
Kwlan is an alternative network manager supporting profiles for dial-up,
wired and wireless networks.
(Deprecated by NetworkManager)

"NetworkManager" isn't show under KDE Applications: System, Internet nor

Network Configuration
This manual explains how to install and use KNetworkConf,
Revision 1.0 (2005-03-24)

Is the linux-wireless at list the only list where more
knowledgeable info on this topic would be obtained?

Is using this under KUbuntu going to require an effort like this:
"get his new Linksys AE1000  working on Fedora 12, so I thought I'd post my findings, since they
were fairly scarce, and less than straight forward."

Thanks. :)

=====  References:

1) Great Device

    white Reviewed By: Jeff on 5/9/2010
    Rating + 4 
    Tech Level Tech Level: high - Ownership: 1 day to 1 week

    Pros: * Great speeds.
    * Great cable length.
    * Runs cool.
    Cons: * No official Linux support.
    * Somewhat over priced.
    Other Thoughts: It lost a star because its a Windows only device and
    the price.

    I am using this to stream HD content off a RAID server and I am
    quite pleased. I am seeing speeds between 7-9 MB/s. I should point
    out that I am using this with Linux despite no official support. I
    have tried this device on Windows as well and received similar
    results. If you want to run this on Linux, you'll want to look into
    Ralink's RT3572USB driver.

2) Title: Cisco/Linksys AE1000. Anyway to get this to work with
Quote from: 400 on July 24, 2010, 04:44:27 am
Someone here managed to get it working on Fedora
it might get you going...


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