To all those who have tried to use vlc to view TV channels on their computers

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Fri Jul 30 07:51:51 UTC 2010

On 30/07/2010 17:16, Stephen Michael Kuhn wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Jul 2010 04:55:32 pm Basil Chupin wrote:
>> For years I have used xine (to view DVB-T television and DVDs) as well
>> as kaffeine (to record most TV channels) and vlc to be able to view DVDs
>> from a directory on the HD (because kaffeine lost that ability almost 2
>> years ago).
>> Today, I broke the "secret" of having vlc recognise and display TV
>> channels on my DVB card! Not mentioned anywhere in the documentation but
>> a casual read of a comment in the vieolan forum solved my problem which
>> has been bugging me for a looooooooong, looooong time.
>> I can now view DVDs, view TV (terrestrial in my case, but cable or
>> satellite as well if you have either), record programs, capture
>> snapshots, edit the files....
>> The missing link which nobody could provide me with is: you need to use
>> w-scan to create the same channels.conf file which xine uses and then
>> start vlc with the command line "vlc %U
>> <directory-where-channels.conf-is>/channels.conf".
>> As simple as this - but this is not mentioned in the dox for vlc :-( .
>> BTW, the version of vlc for Lucid, 10.04, is out of date - the latest is
>> 1.1.1 (well, 1.1.2 actually).
>> The vlc site states that what is in 10.04 is out of date and tells you
>> to install the latest version manually.
>> But try and find on the vlc site the latest version to manually install
>> it...........forget it, sweetheart! :-( . You can find the files for
>> Windows and MAC but not for Ubuntu - you need to jump thru hoops to get
>> the one for Ubuntu.
>> BC
> Well, how cool is that? Cheers!
> Now I can use vlc for more than pr0n! Far out! :)
> (Not that either myself or the missus watches anything at all on the tellie -
> once in a while "Time Team"

Which hasn't been on for some months now.....But when it was, it was one 
of my most favourite programs.

(Then the Americans tried to have it apply to their "heritage" - and the 
whole thing ended up as a total crap program :-( .

Did you know that Upstairs Downstairs is being "revived" - with 
Hollywood's "help" of course?

You can see it all now showing up on your screen now, can't you?

No need to'd be better off using Pro-Active on your 
<fill in your anatomical feature>.)

>   or "Big Bang Theory"

"Big Bang....". You're still in your mid thirties ain't ya?

>   - otherwise, we opt for
> computers/internet or that thing called "book".)

Oh! One of *those*!



If nothing happens, nothing can go wrong.

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