Gilles Gravier ggravier at
Fri Jul 30 05:55:44 UTC 2010

 Hi, Ric!

On 30/07/2010 02:36, Ric Moore wrote:
> Anyone have experience with vnc?? I have a vnc viewer open in a java app
> and I'm seeing me seeing me ...the hall of mirrors effect. My viewer is
> displaying my viewer is displaying my viewer, etc. This is all nifty and
> great psychedelic fun, but what would I send to the vnc server in order
> to open just an empty desktop?? 
> I'm currently serving iam:0 5900
> Would setting it to iam:1 or iam:0:1 or some such do the job?? I'm
> currently running 6 desktops now. Ri

VNC Viewer needs to talk to a SERVER.

By default you would have a server running on virtual display :0 (i.e.
you launch vncviewer localhost:0 and you get your screen in your
screen). Or, from a different machine (I administer my home server from
a separate PC, I do "vncviewer server:0" to get the main screen of the
server displayed on my work PC).

Now, it you want multiple desktops... they are represented by :1, :2 etc...

You would (if the desktops have the local VNCSERVERs enabled) just run
"vncviewer localhost:1" "vncviewer localhost:2"...

You didn't tell us which version of Ubuntu you are running. I'm going to
assume it's a recent one. In which case the VNCSERVER is embedded and is
called "VINO".

You want to configure it from each desktop by, in each desktop session,
running "vino-preferences" and checking what is configured (passwords,
local or remote connectivity...).

Using the port number can be useful when you are tunnelling the VNC
protocol. But simply using :1 :2 :3 ... is enough. The viewer maps :0 to
5900, :1 to 5901, :2 to 5902...

You might want to try a lighter VNC viewer. You could install
"xtightvncviewer"... there are others, for just about every platform you
can imagine. I even have one on my Android phone, and one on my Nintendo
Wii from which I can monitor the server easily.


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