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On 07/29/2010 04:10 PM, Nathan Bahn wrote:

 In my household, I'm responsible for generating the monthly billing

 statement from Dish Network (before then calculating everyone's share of

 that bill).  Generally, I try to get the statement the day that it's posted

 online, and printing it *properly* up has never posed a problem before --
> so

 I never payed any attention to the type of file extension (if that's the

 proper term?).  Just recently I upgraded to to 10.04 -- and I have no idea

 if that is related to this problem that just now popped up (other problems

 have popped up since I upgraded, but I'm able to tolerate them).  The

 billing statement is a file that I have to download (Interestingly enough,

 the URLs of the Dish Network webpages that are https end with ".do".  I
> just

 now realized that.  Interesting.) has a ".do" extension.

> OK. Understand now. The .do (in your case) is a javascript web

extension. For example:

I do not have Dish Network, however as you can see from the above I have

AT&T. When reviewing the bill online, I have two options: 1) download

the bill in PDF format, 2) print the bill (pay the bill is never a good

option in my case :-). I typically elect to download the PDF, but if I

print I print directly to a PDF using the cups-pdf printer (you can do

the same without cups-pdf by printing to 'Print to File|Output format

PDF'). The result should be sufficient & clear. If it's not, then I

would check your browser.


Unfortunately, the way Dish Network's web page is set up, viewing the
document online is not an option; I must actually *download the blasted
thing in order to view it (My internet service provider is a different
story; its website does allow me to view the bill online.) -- sorry if I
wasn't clear enough about that.*
*As far as my browser is concerned, I'm using Chromium 5.0.375.99 (51029)
Ubuntu 10.04 -- FF doesn't like me and keeps on giving me an electronically
raised middle finger.*

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