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Maxime Alarie malarie at
Wed Jul 28 17:19:56 UTC 2010

Good day,


I have Ubuntu 9.1 with no UI.


I am just back from vacations, and I have noticed  on one of my server that the a  disk pretty much filled up in a week.    I looked around and I think there is a bug in the way the diskspace is reported by df. After a little investigation, the problem seems to related to /var/www


I have 2 disks that syncs every night.   The problem occurs with /dev/sdb1.


Output of df -h


/dev/sdb1          224G  197G   17G  93% /

udev                  994M  228K  994M   1% /dev

none                  994M     0  994M   0% /dev/shm

none                  994M   18M  977M   2% /var/run

none                  994M     0  994M   0% /var/lock

none                  994M     0  994M   0% /lib/init/rw

/dev/sda1             224G  155G   58G  73% /backup





Output of the command  du -m  /var/www/Nuxeo | sort -n | tail -15

The disk usage seems to be reported  more than once. (see bold text)


239     ./server/default/data/NXRuntime/binaries/data/04/27

239     ./server/default/data/NXRuntime/binaries/data/04/27/26

239     ./server/default/data/NXRuntime/binaries/data/d6/62

239     ./server/default/data/NXRuntime/binaries/data/d6/62/0e

261     ./server/default/data/NXRuntime/binaries/data/d6

280     ./server/default/data/NXRuntime/binaries/data/04

374     ./server/default/data/NXRuntime/binaries/data/ef/5e

374     ./server/default/data/NXRuntime/binaries/data/ef/5e/ed

515     ./server/default/data/NXRuntime/binaries/data/ef

602     ./server/default/data/NXRuntime/binaries/data/76/b4

602     ./server/default/data/NXRuntime/binaries/data/76/b4/4d

631     ./server/default/data/NXRuntime/binaries/data/76

2394    ./server/default/log

12912   ./server/default/data/NXRuntime/binaries (binaries contains only the data folder)

12912   ./server/default/data/NXRuntime/binaries/data

12933   ./server/default/data/NXRuntime

12945   ./server/default/data

15526   ./server

15526   ./server/default

15559   . ß I don't know why only 15GB is reported..



Any help is welcome.





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