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Basil Chupin blchupin at
Wed Jul 28 07:43:34 UTC 2010

On 28/07/10 16:54, Jordon Bedwell wrote:
> On 7/28/10 1:50 AM, Hakan Koseoglu wrote:
>> You are right. You are like a elephant in a china shop. Having an
>> add-on which blocks Flash and then complaining none of the Flash-based
>> sites won't work is a good one. I should keep this thread for a
>> submission to DailyWTF.
> I don't know if it quite qualifies for that since anybody can make a
> mistake like that.

I wouldn't make such a sweeping statement such the one you just made....

>    I mean, a lot of sites provide some sort of
> usability with the mobile market trampling a really high percentage of
> internet traffic. So when you finally do reach a site that has no
> alternative,

Have you really, REALLY, looked at the sites which you frequent on a 
daily basis and still have the courage to state what you just did? :-)

>   and you wonder why it doesn't work, you start wondering how
> and why the hell it doesn't work, because it's been so long you ran into
> the issue based on the fact that most sites have non-flash alternatives,
> and you forgot about Flash.
> The same thing has happened to me with JavaScript, I'll disable all
> JavaScript to test my site, forgot I turned off JavaScript, and
> eventually run into a site with horrible programmers and wonder why it
> doesn't work and have to double check :/


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