Firefox 3.6.8 and Thunderbird 3.0.6

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Wed Jul 28 04:42:22 UTC 2010

On 28/07/10 13:59, NoOp wrote:
> On 07/27/2010 06:54 PM, Basil Chupin wrote:
> ...
>> I personally consider that you need these to be installed in FF:
>> Adblock
>> Flashblock
>> Ghostery
>> NoScript
> You can call me chuckles if you'd like<chuckles at your list>...
> Why do you install all that stuff? I can understand Adblockplus, but the
> rest? Nah:
> is the only other that I install. I can turn off javascript, java,
> flash, kill flash, et all with a single click.

Doesn't excite me at all. Maybe OK for Seamonkey users but I like to see 
what each add-on does and why it is doing it. I cannot see anywhere 
where it describes what the thing is really supposed to do - for 
example, I can control javascript already in Firefox itself 
(Preferences) and I can also change the colour used by websites also in 
Preferences, and I can automatically clear my cache by simply switching 
off Firefox.

You would also know that if you buy something which does everything then 
it will do everything imperfectly :-) .


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