Audacity not recoding OS Playback

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Tue Jul 27 02:45:01 UTC 2010

On 27/07/10 06:38, Demis Cunha wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback Basil.
> I am still trying to figure out what is going on. Looks like that the
> Audacity has some problems to record from Pulse.
> Regards,
> Em Sáb, 2010-07-24 às 15:32 +1000, Basil Chupin escreveu:
>> On 24/07/10 04:36, Demis Cunha wrote:
>>> Hello. I am using Ubuntu 10.04 and I couldn't find a way to recording
>>> the sounds that is being processed by the OS with the Audacity. In the
>>> previous version 9.10 that worked fine.
>>> Any clue?
>>> Thanks in advance.
>> A couple of things come to mind: you do have sound on the system?[1] and
>> you do have the appropriate codecs installed?
>> [1] on command line do: gnome-volume-control which will bring up the
>> sound menu- see if the slider for Input is correctly set.
>> One other thing, you do have the proper channels opened (alsamixergui
>> and see if the one you would use to record are active).
>> BC

If you think this then uninstall pulseaudio - use Mark for Removal, and 
not Completer Removal. If there is no difference then re-install 
pulseaudio. (Note that removing pulse you will lose the volume icon on 
the top panel; there is a way to bring it back after you re-install 
pulse, if you do re-install it, but the easiest way as far as I am 
concerned is to: ALT-F2 and execute 'gnome-volume-control' when you do 
need to see the volume controls.)


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