Thunderbird 3.0.5 in Ubuntu 10.04

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Mon Jul 26 15:37:50 UTC 2010

On 26/07/10 23:56, Sam Przyswa wrote:
> Le 26/07/2010 13:38, Markus Schönhaber a écrit :
>> 26.07.2010 12:47, Sam Przyswa:
>>> Since I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 my Thunderbird 3.0.5 import ALL my IMAP
>>> mail folders on my laptop and my ~/.thunderbird folder grows now up to
>>> 19Gb and my disk is full !
>>> How to fix it ?
>> With Thunderbird 3 the default for IMAP accounts was changed to
>> downloading the entire messages and not only the headers.
>> There's a configuration variable you can set to revert that. I can't
>> reach atm, therefore I'm not sure what exactly it was.
>> But, independently from the default, you can configure the behaviour per
>> IMAP account: Go to the account settings and there to "Synchronisation&
>> Storage". You can change the download settings for the entire account or
>> even on a per folder basis.
> Yes I changed my setting after deleting the entire IMAP database, but
> why the Mozilla Fondation changed the default setting of Synchronisation
> &  Storage ?

And why shouldn't they?

Did you read the release notes?


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