cpan configuration error [SOLVED]

Dave Howorth dhoworth at
Mon Jul 26 14:17:31 UTC 2010

Florian Diesch wrote:
> Dave Howorth <dhoworth at> writes:
>> I'm having trouble trying to install Perl modules from CPAN using 
>> lucid's cpan command. The trouble is that I can't get cpan
>> configured. ... snip
> If you are running cpan for the first time it will ask
> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8--- If
> you have never defined your own C<urllist> in your configuration then
> C<> will be hesitant to use the built in default sites for 
> downloading. It will ask you once per session if a connection to the 
> internet is OK and only if you say yes, it will try to connect. But
> to avoid this question, you can choose your favorite download sites
> once and get away with it. Or, if you have no favorite download sites
>  answer yes to the following question.
> <connect_to_internet_ok> If no urllist has been chosen yet, would you
> prefer to connect to the built-in default sites without
> asking? (yes/no)? [no] --8<---------------cut
> here---------------end--------------->8---
> and only ask for a CPAN URL if you answer "no" (which is the default)
>  here. You can edit ~/.cpan/CPAN/ to correct this.

Hi Florian, Thanks for this. I got distracted to other more pressing
things but I'm looking at this issue again now.

I don't recall seeing that message, but who knows whether I'm
remembering correctly :)

I couldn't find a on the system; all I could find is
/etc/perl/CPAN/, which just contained:


So I moved it to a backup location and reran cpan and everything appears
to be OK now.

Cheers, Dave

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