Firefox Issues

NoOp glgxg at
Sat Jul 24 18:40:11 UTC 2010

On 07/24/2010 06:48 AM, Barry Premeaux wrote:
>> Would you mind mentioning some of the sites which you find Firefox
>> having problems with? I'll see if I get the same hassles.
>> BC
> Just logged into Gmail.  Log in went fine.  Clicked on a message and
> it crashed.  Had to go to Opera to type this.  I also checked
>  It still crashes on that site since the update.
>  I was at www, and clicked on one of the news articles.  It
> just folded up and crashed.  In the case of Foxnews, it isn't
> consistent.  It will open some news articles, yet crashes on others.

Are you 32bit or 64bit?

My guess would be a plugin/addon/extension issue. I've no problems with
any of the sites you mentioned (w/32bit and 64bit). Don't go about
reinstalling Firefox, instead try a test profile[1]. If that works, go
back to your regular profile and:

1. Clear all cache & cookies.
2. Disable all extensions & try the sites. If they work, reenable
3. Disable all plugins & repeat.

$ firefox --P

Create Profile|Next|Test|Finish
Unclick 'Don't ask at startup' so that you can choose to go back to
'default' when you are finished. Select 'Test'. When you do go back to
'default' you can reclick 'Dont'...'. Click 'Start Firefox' - now test
the sites with the 'Test' profile.

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