Compiz and Mouse Wheel

Michael Comperchio mcmprch at
Thu Jul 22 20:20:05 UTC 2010

I know that this has been asked and probably answered... but after a
couple of hours of Googling I can't find it... 

I used to be able (with earlier Ubuntu releases) to switch workspaces by
scrolling the mouse wheel... with 10.4 I can't. I've looked in ccsm and
can't seem to find an option to allows that scrolling. There is a
setting for using button 2 (the wheel on my mouse) that allows me to
grab and rotate the desktops... which looks cool and impresses my
Windoze freinds... but I like the wheel scroll switching. Any pointers?

It amazes me sometimes the things I can blow away time on...


Michael S. Comperchio
mcmprch at

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