current access to file systems

Dave Howorth dhoworth at
Thu Jul 22 14:35:23 UTC 2010

Peng Yu wrote:
> I agree with you that I need to understand RAID and maybe filesystem
> in general. I have read the beginning of the following webpage page.
> In particular, I read what RAID0,1,5 are, which are commonly used
> according to the page. The wiki page is rather long and couldn't
> finish all of it, and it seems to me that not all the information on
> the page are relevant to me at this moment.

Yes, that's a good place to start. You won't find any page that has all
the information you need and nothing else. You need to build the
knowledge yourself by reading around.

> My lab have a CORAID

Interesting, I hadn't come across coraid before. Thanks for the paper.

> ... is something wrong with the setup of the CORAID in my system?
> ... do you know what mailing might be the most appropriate

I'd suggest two possible places to look for some help. First would be
Coraid support. They should be able to tell you what should happen and
how it should be set up and at least point you to the right place in
their manuals.

The second place I'd try would be the linux-cluster mailing list.
There'll be more people there with some knowledge and experience.

Cheers, Dave

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