Question 2 of 3: Ubuntu - apt-get and Update Manager

Nils Kassube kassube at
Thu Jul 22 12:39:55 UTC 2010

Billie Walsh wrote:
> IMHO, Most of the people that give the most help on the list(s) seem
> to be _long_ time Linux users. They are most comfortable using the
> command line to do everything. They don't trust these new fangled
> GUI's.

Well, I use GUI applications a lot but quite often I prefer command line 
instructions when I try to help others, even if I would use a GUI 
application on my machine. After all it is much easier to just write 
something like

type "sudo apt-get install foo" in a terminal

than to describe how to use the GUI application. You would have to 
explain it very detailed because the other person may not even know your 
favourite GUI package manager. And what if the other person doesn't have 
that application installed? The command line instructions would work out 
of the box on every Ubuntu flavour while the GUI applications may be 
different, depending on the desktop.


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