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Basil Chupin blchupin at
Thu Jul 22 06:11:28 UTC 2010

On 22/07/10 14:49, M Thomason wrote:
> On 22/07/2010 05:40, Basil Chupin wrote:
>> I am just finalising the changeover of my wife's computer from another
>> distro to Lucid (almost there - the bloody sound doesn't work! - where
>> have I read this before? :-( ).
>> Question 1: I always like to see the Terminal/Console window open in
>> maximised mode.
>> What do I need to do to make this window STAY maximised whenever I open it?
>> I have used "gnome-terminal --maximize" till I am blue in the face but
>> the setting will NOT stick. (BTW, the same thing is happening in
>> Maverick Alpha2.)
>> On my computer I have no such problem but with the new installation of
>> Lucid (and in Alpha2 Maverick) I am unable to get it to "stick".
>> What I forgotten to do, please?
>> BC
> Hiya,
> You may want to check out Devilspie (apt-get install devilspie)
> You'll probably want a rule something like
> (if (matches (window_name) "^Terminal.+") (maximize))
> Although I haven't tested that to see if it works

Thanks for this - I shall have a closer look at this a bit later.

But at this point I must add this comment (or 2 or 3)....

I don't ever recall having to install anything "gadgets" to get an app 
window to stay maximised - for example, I didn't have to do this for the 
Terminal/Console window when I was using a different distro. I think the 
first time I came across this was when I installed Ubuntu (Lucid) and 
somebody (?NoOP) told me to use the 'gnome-terminal --maximize' command 
after installing gconf2). I used to simply click on the Maximise icon 
and, voila, the window was maximised and it stayed that way when one 
closed console. Now I have gconf2 installed (on both systems, my wife's 
Lucid and Maverick Alpha2) and I cannot keep the window maximised.....

The other thing is that I don't have to do anything with any other 
application such as Firefox, Thunderbird, any of the gnome games or even 
the KDE games or OpenOffice or whatever. I maximise them and they stay 
maximised - from one boot-up to the next boot-up.

And finally, it seems that Ubuntu is going the way of the plasmas and 
widgets and gidgets as in KDE to get things done, or as another distro 
has gone where it now relies most heavily on the "community" for almost 
everything and if nobody in the "community" has the time to maintain an 
app then - "tough cheddar, busters". (And yes, I do know about the 
Mozilla people.....)

(But I will add this with regards to Maverick [Alpha 2] : there is this 
very nice facility which will automatically report to base a bug when 
one comes up; it creates a report and sends it if you allow it to do all 
this. A VERY great idea! [I don't know if this existed before as 
Maverick is the first Ubuntu work-in-progress I have encountered].)


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