Question 2 of 3: Ubuntu - apt-get and Update Manager

M Thomason matt at
Thu Jul 22 04:55:00 UTC 2010

On 22/07/2010 05:50, Basil Chupin wrote:
> Does anyone know, please, why apt-get and the Update Manager behave in 
> "different ways"?
> By this I mean: I used apt-get update/upgrade and I had upgrades 
> installed; I then followed this up with the Update Manager "just for 
> kicks" and found that it picked up more apps to be upgraded - and I 
> don't mean just one or two but possibly 10. This was a while back and 
> now I do this everyday - and it happens almost every time: apt-get does 
> its job and then Update Manager finds more and all this within moments 
> of apt-get finishing.
> Anyone have a suggestion why this occurs?
> BC

Wild guess here as I only really use apt-get myself, is there any chance
Update Manager is picking up the things like Kernel updates that apt-get
usually holds back and needs a "dist-upgrade" for?

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