Issues Post Install (see text) *Work Around Developed*

Jay Ridgley jridgley2 at
Wed Jul 21 15:43:47 UTC 2010


Several weeks ago I posted items about my 10.04 LTS post install problems:

1. Wireless Mouse Issue - NOT the problem
2. System Lockup with wireless connection
   A. One problem was swap was not being mounted due to bad UUID - Fixed that
   B. Problem traced to incompatibility between wireless connection and 3c59x
      driver. (see BUG report #586967) Suggested work around is to remove the
      3c59x driver. That solved the wireless lockup problem. However, it created
      a problem, if I need to use my system with a wired connection. Without the
      3c59x driver my eth0 device is dead; so for wired I need the driver BACK.

      I have discovered that if I reboot, the driver is reloaded, so for wired it
      will still work. If I need wireless I just unload the 3c59x driver and then
      wireless will work.

I am not completely satisfied, but at least I know how to keep my system from 
locking up.

Thanks to NoOp and others for helping me get a solution worked out.



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