Bad sector's ???

Rashkae ubuntu at
Wed Jul 21 14:40:52 UTC 2010

Rashkae wrote:
> Larry Shields wrote:
>> *I was just using the program Disk Utility, and went through each on of 
>> my hard drives, it shows
>> that my 250gb drive has a few bad sector's on it...
>> My question is there a way to correct this, without loosing any data...???
>> Thanks for any help...
>> Larry
>> *

Ok, reading comprehension failure on my part.  If you were using Disk 
Utility, that basically is already reporting the data from SMART.  What 
it calls a few bad sectors are sectors that were already re-allocated by 
your drive.  Chances are, there is nothing wrong with your drive and no 
need to worry.

You can verify this with the badblocks program.  (no need to reboot or 

badblocks -v /dev/sd?

If badblocks doesn't report any bad sectors, that means they have all 
already been re-allocated by your drive as they should and nothing to 
worry about.  Though as mentioned earlier, you should check again a few 
times every couple of weeks to make sure that the number of re-allocated 
sectors is not increasing.

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