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On 20 July 2010 12:35, satya narayana <cutenest9 at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am facing one typical problem in ubuntu installation. i am trying to
> install ubuntu 9.10 Desktop edition in old machine. machine configuration is
> 512 MB RAM, Intel PIV Processor, 80 GB Hardisk. Installation is completing
> successfully and i am able to login the system after the installation. then
> i shot down the system and  started next day it is giving one error (press
> Ctrl+D for continue or give root password for maintenance) there cursor is
> blinking. I am maintaining 60 PC's Ubuntu networking. This would troubling
> me a lot. please give me a solution.

Not shooting your system is a good idea! I'm not sure if the disks
will survive the bullets!

You haven't reported the actual message but this usually happens when
you have a corrupt file system which wants to be fsck'ed. Give the
password, run fsck on your disks. Once you log back in, install
smartmontools and run diagnostics on your disk with the command
smartctl.. Most likely that they are on their way out. 80GB disks tend
to be relatively old and you might have an imminent failure ahead of

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