Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Had With Sound Juicer

Graham Watkins at
Sun Jul 18 08:44:03 UTC 2010

So I'm going to tell you.

The main gripe is that it doesn't enable me to select or create mp3 
profiles.  There was one pre-existing mp3 profile and another which I 
created which while shown in the list of profiles seen after clicking on 
Edit Profiles,  do not appear in the Preferences drop-down box. 
Consequently I can't make mp3s.

Using gconf-editor to select active profiles does not work

I have all gstreamer plugins installed - although Synaptic tells me that 
gstreamer0.10-lame is required which does not seem to be available anywhere.

I do think it's a pity that Ubuntu stopped supporting Grip which I 
always found ran smoothly.  But you just can't get the .debs any more.

Is there anything else I can do?  Or anything else I can use? (Apart 
from the ropey Ripoff.)



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