x11vnc shift key problems

Tim Henderson bizdev at pwnspeak.com
Fri Jul 16 16:28:53 UTC 2010

> A google search did not help.
> When logged into my comp using VNC via x11vnc server I have very limited
> shift usage.
> Namely shift only "shifts" for ( ) and<.  All other shift usage results
> in the non-shifted character being displayed.
> Log results below:
 > [snip]
> The output looks similar, however only a 'm' displays, rather than the
> expected 'M'.  Makes for difficulties entering passwords, :'s, ~'s, ect.
>    Anyone have a fix?

I have now tested this connecting from 4 major OS's and 5 different VNC 
viewers, so I must assume that x11vnc is the problem.  Has anyone had a 
similar issue?

Tim H.

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