cpan configuration error

Dave Howorth dhoworth at
Thu Jul 15 15:01:54 UTC 2010

I'm having trouble trying to install Perl modules from CPAN using
lucid's cpan command. The trouble is that I can't get cpan configured.

I start cpan and it starts asking lots of config questions and then it
gets to a bit about proxies and immediately afterwards goes weird:

 If you're accessing the net via proxies, you can specify them in the
 CPAN configuration or via environment variables. The variable in
 the $CPAN::Config takes precedence.

 Your ftp_proxy? []

 Your http_proxy? []

 Your no_proxy? []

 CPAN needs access to at least one CPAN mirror.

 As you did not allow me to connect to the internet you need to supply
 a valid CPAN URL now.

 Please enter the URL of your CPAN mirror  ^C

But it never asked me about connecting to the internet, so I have no
idea what it's on about!

Has anybody seen this before?

Thanks, Dave

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